About Rebecca



My passion lies with those seeking to better themselves, and to connect with their inner self on the deepest level possible. Through yoga and therapy- I believe it's possible.


I graduated from New York University with my Master's degree in Social Work in 2014, and since then obtained my LCSW licensure. My career in social work and counseling has been primarily focused on trauma, addiction, and mental health disorders.

As a trauma informed yoga teacher I have taught with Liberation Prison Yoga, a non-profit organization that sends volunteer yoga teachers into Rikers and other jails and detention centers guiding meditation, mindfulness, and trauma informed yoga. Today, I teach at a reentry house for women who have recently been released from jail, and are reentering society with their best foot forward.

When I'm not teaching/practicing yoga- or providing therapy, I am usually spending time with my dog, Etta. I love walking around my neighborhood and finding little hole in the wall coffee shops, and supporting the small businesses that are in my community. I have a deep affinity for the moon, and believe that one of the most beautiful things is seeing the moon during the day, as the sun shines.

I love to travel, and hope to spend more time globe-trotting and immersing myself in the beautiful cultures around the world.